Working from home because of COVID-19? Have you heard about Citrix Gateway VPN?

Nov 3, 2020 | News

Has COVID-19 and work from home life changed your workday?  Are you working from home most days? Do you have a PHC issued laptop?  If you answered yes, Citrix Gateway VPN might be the right solution for you. 

*If you do not have an HA issued laptop please see the available options for working remotely. 

Benefits of VPN –  What it allows you to do 

  • Allows your HA issued to laptop to work from home as if you were on site.  This includes: 
  • accessing network drives 
  • accessing internal intranet sites i.e. PHC Connect  
  • changing your network password 
  • Allowing the laptop to receive critical security patches, updates and virus definition files 
  • extending software license agreements 

All this WITHOUT having to go onsite.  Resulting in a more productive and less stressful workday! 

Initial Set Up - What you will need:   

  1. While onsite ensure that the Citrix Gateway VPN is installed on the laptop – look for the desktop icon. If not installed, have the laptop connected to the HA network and follow the installation guide.  
  2. Registered for Microsoft Authenticator on your smartphone.  If you are already using Webmail from Home or Citrix Remote Access, your Microsoft token will already be registered. If not click here and follow the registration instructions
  3. Have logged on to the laptop recently while on the HA network. This allows the laptop to remember your network login & password, for use while outside the HA network  

For more information on VPN please take a look at the IMITS page here

If you have any problems when trying to install the VPN software via the Software Centre, or cannot see the Software Centre, try connecting the laptop using an ethernet/network cable.  

If you have any other problems or questions that arise when trying to install Citrix Gateway VPN, please contact the Service Desk at 604-806-9333 

Using Citrix Gateway VPN: Hints & Tips 

Once installed, if you need to access any internal drives or internal sites, remember you need to launch/turn on Citrix Gateway VPN first.  Double-click on the Citrix Gateway VPN icon and follow the steps to log on.  Use VPN in any instance where previously you would log onto Remote Desktop or Office Desktop to access files/folders or intranet sites. 

If you do not need access to your network folders or intranet sites during your workday then there is no need to connect to VPN.  For example, if you only need to use Outlook and/or Skype all you need is an internet connect (using wifi or a network cable). 

If you find your connection is slow, and/or if your connection is frequently dropping try using a network cable instead of wifi for your internet connection. 

Issues using Citrix Gateway VPN: contact the Service Desk at 604-806-9333 

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